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18 Aug

20 Most Amazing Over Under Photos You May Not Have Seen Before

We have been playing around with our GoPro camera and Split Dome port for a while now and made thousands of photos. Yes, photos pile up rather quickly when you are using the timelapse mode:). Anyway, here is our pick of 20 best photos that we made, all shoot with GoPro and Split Dome port that will hopefully boost your creativity and give you some shooting ideas.


Winter surfing in the Mediterranean.

gopro-dome-port-photos (2)

Fishing boats tied up really well… 🙂

gopro-dome-port-photos (3)

Girls swimming underwater is always a good photo idea, especially with water as clear as this.

And so is girls going surfing.

This epic underwater music band photo was taken by our customer from Austria.

Floating in the sea.

We say you need a sunny day to get the best half half photos. Well…this is a cloudy day proving us wrong.

Show some love <3

When in doubt, paddle out.

Under pressure 🙂

A surfer paddling over the Indian ocean somewhere in Indonesia.

Over under photos are usually reserved for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, stand up paddling…and similar water activities. Well, here is one that does not fit in. MTB time.

Did we mention stand up paddle?

And amazing underwater landscapes.


Follow me when the water is cold…

Follow me when the water is warm…

With the right light and clear water you almost can’t tell where the water begins.

Palm trees photo from the equator is a must 🙂

Stand up paddle camping trip, you should try it.

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