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28 Sep

Dome Port for GoPro Hero6 Black

GoPro has just released a new version of their popular action camera – the GoPro Hero6 Black. For a list of improvements and new features you can check our Hero6 review. We are also happy to confirm that our Split dome port IS compatible with the new GoPro Hero6 Black camera and that the Hero6 compatible domes are on stock and ready to be shipped. Read More

19 Sep

Quick Review: GoPro Hero 6 Black is Here!

In February GoPro announced they will be releasing new cameras annually instead of every two years “We can confirm there will be new cameras and other accessories released during the year and [a] new camera namely being Hero 6 ,” CEO Nick Woodman told investors in February this year. Read More

21 Aug

SplitGadgets Instagram and Featured Over Under Photos

If you want to get your over under photos featured on our Instagram account @splitgadgets follow us, then tag us, DM us, or use #splitgadgets. We prefer to feature photos taken with Split dome port off course.

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17 Aug

DryTide Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof backpack from DryTide

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time in and near water. We also love surfing and anything connected to the ocean, to the sea. But as much as we and our Split dome port love water, some of our other belongings do not:). Camera, dry clothes, phones, wallet, documents, food…  some things can not get wet. So we are really excited to present a new product that we have been working on for a while now – a waterproof backpack.

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16 Aug

Learn How To Shoot Better Over Under Photos (Infographic)

Taking half half photos with Split dome port is really easy, but technical stuff is not everything when it comes to photography. It’s not the camera, it’s the person behind the lens! So we have put some essential tips that will help you improve your over under photos into this easy infographic, for a more substantial book on becoming an 50/50 photo pro check out our Ultimate over under photography ebook. Read More

21 May

Gallery: Over Under Photos From a Fun Day at the Fuerteventura Pool

Even when the swell is small and there are no waves in Fuerteventura, there is always something to do. Like take your Split dome port to the local pool in Corralejo and have a bit of fun with it and take some over under photos. Read More

18 May

Gallery: GoPro Hero5 Dome Photos From Sumatra Surf Trip

It is time to post another gallery of over under photos. This time photos come from my recent Sumatra surf trip. I must say that surfing was the main goal of the trip which means two 3-4h surf sessions a day. That left me with like 2% of the day energy supply for things like eating and taking over under photos :)). So these were shot pretty quickly and the conditions were not the best when it comes to water clarity. How clear the water is changed from day-to-day depending on the swell, wind, rain, currents…I guess, I don’t really know. So one day it could be so clear that surfing a wave felt like floating on air just above the coral heads and other days you could not see the toes on your feet when siting on your board. To bad I didn’t score the clear water conditions when I had my Split dome port with me. BTW: if you are interested in what are the best conditions for over under photography and get loads of other tips check out our e-book. Read More

12 Mar

GoPro Dome Photos Gallery From Wings

Wings is an Australian multi award winning advanced Eco certified tour operator from Airlie Beach, Queensland. They own two of our Split dome ports and they use them regularly with their GoPro cameras on their trips around the area. And the surrounding is amazing! Airlie Beach is the perfect access point for Whitsunday Islands (click here for some photos to see just how amazing the place looks) that lie between the northeast coast of Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef. They are covered with dense rainforest and lined with white sand beaches that descent into the crystal clear sea teeming with marine life. If you have read our top tip for over under photography then you understand that white sand beaches and crystal clear water means GoPro dome photography heaven! Read More

23 Feb

Review: Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Black

Dome port for GoPro Hero5 Black

Our new Split Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Black has been available for a few weeks now and it is time to post some information and photos on the new dome port that will answer the most common questions that you guys have before ordering our dome. Read More

07 Oct

Split Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Camera

In September 2016 GoPro has released their new version of the most popular action camera in the world - the GoPro Hero5. The list of all the specifications is long, here are a few that we are most excited about:

  • Voice Control - you can start shooting with your voice, great for times when your hands are busy holding the handlebars, paddling etc..:)
  • 2-Inch Touch Display - if your GoPro is not H4 silver then this is a great upgrade, you see what you shoot and how the shots turned out
  • Waterproof - it's waterproof up to 10m without the special housing!
  • Video stabilization
  • 4k video, 12MP photos, RAW WDR photos, GPS etc...


The question that we get asked a lot since the release is:

"Does the Split Dome Port work with GoPro Hero5 Black? Where can I get a Dome Port for GoPro Hero5?"




We are excited to say YES. There is a new version of Split Dome Port available that works with the new Hero5 camera and after a lot of testing it is ready for shipping! The new version is specially made just for the Hero5 camera, so make sure you choose the right version when buying. 

Hero5 dome has a separate camera housing similar to the new super suit that fits into the dome so you are also getting a housing that allows you to take your Hero5 and Split Dome port deeper than 10m below surface. Plus - there is no need to remove the lens from the camera before putting it into the housing and into the dome making our dome the most simple end friendly to use. For some photos and more info on the new dome read our short review.

Over half of the domes in the first batch were reserved in the pre-order time so hurry up to get one of the remaining domes. Please go to our homepage to order.


Enjoy some Hero5 and Karma drone 4k footage: