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18 May

Gallery: GoPro Hero5 Dome Photos From Sumatra Surf Trip

It is time to post another gallery of over under photos. This time photos come from my recent Sumatra surf trip. I must say that surfing was the main goal of the trip which means two 3-4h surf sessions a day. That left me with like 2% of the day energy supply for things like eating and taking over under photos :)). So these were shot pretty quickly and the conditions were not the best when it comes to water clarity. How clear the water is changed from day-to-day depending on the swell, wind, rain, currents…I guess, I don’t really know. So one day it could be so clear that surfing a wave felt like floating on air just above the coral heads and other days you could not see the toes on your feet when siting on your board. To bad I didn’t score the clear water conditions when I had my Split dome port with me. BTW: if you are interested in what are the best conditions for over under photography and get loads of other tips check out our e-book.

Anyway, these photos were taken with the new Split GoPro Hero5 Dome and the dome and the new camera both rock:)! Enjoy the photos and soon we’ll be back with another gallery…

Photos of people jumping in the water are one of my favorites, all the air bubbles make some amazing shapes.


Tropical island and palm trees.

Friend practicing her duckdive.

Our boat captain.

Jump man!

Another surf spot, another island…I never get tired of this:)

Over under selfie

My surf buddy on the boat.

This is life.

Group split selfie

On of the island dogs not really sure about being in the ocean:)

Our boat.

GoPro Hero5 Dome in action.

Indian ocean.

More palm trees.

Before the surf session or actually after the first session and before the second one:)


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