GoPro Dome Photos Gallery From Wings - Split GoPro Dome Port for Hero Cameras GoPro Dome Photos Gallery From Wings - Split GoPro Dome Port for Hero Cameras
12 Mar

GoPro Dome Photos Gallery From Wings

Wings is an Australian multi award winning advanced Eco certified tour operator from Airlie Beach, Queensland. They own two of our Split dome ports and they use them regularly with their GoPro cameras on their trips around the area. And the surrounding is amazing! Airlie Beach is the perfect access point for Whitsunday Islands (click here for some photos to see just how amazing the place looks) that lie between the northeast coast of Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef. They are covered with dense rainforest and lined with white sand beaches that descent into the crystal clear sea teeming with marine life. If you have read our top tip for over under photography then you understand that white sand beaches and crystal clear water means GoPro dome photography heaven!

Here are just some of the photos that Wings team take daily in their trips to the sea:

An over under photo of a shoal of fish

With so many fish in the sea it can get crowded in the bottom half of the over under photo.

GoPro dome photo of a giant fish

Our GoPro dome captures this giant regularly. Wings team even gave him a name:)

Snorkeling half half photo.

Snorkeling among the fish with dome port.

GoPro dome photo of a giant fish with two divers in the back

This dude again.

Split photo of a huge fish peeking out of the water with a yacht in the back.

Sometimes the divers visit this giant and sometimes its the other way around.

Coral reef just below the sea surface taken with GoPro dome housing.

A rich coral reef is hiding just under the surface.

A half half dome photo of a diver jumping in the water with water splashing around.

If your timing is right, you can use your GoPro together with our dome and capture moments like these.

GoPro dome half half photo of fish under the yacht with people watching from above.

Crystal clear water and perfect underwater visibility.

An over under photography of a small sea turtle with divers in the back.

Seven divers and one little turtle.

GoPro dome photo of snorkeling couple with lots of fish

This is how snorkeling should look like.

Fish swimming towards split dome port next to a boat.

Fish checking out our dome port.

Split GoPro dome taking photo of a small yellow fish

Our GoPro dome port following a little yellow fish.

Split photo of fish underwater lit by sun rays coming from above

Sun rays through the water surface…

A single jellyfish under the surface of the sea

It’s not just fish, it’s also jellyfish

GoPro dome port taking photo of a small fish with big boat in the back. Half half photo.

GoPro dome port in action.

One happy diver among the fishes showing two thumbs up. A gopro dome photo.

Sunny sky – check. Boat – check. Clear water – check. Lots of fish – check. One happy diver – check. Yes, you can give two thumbs up!

GoPro dome housing photo of a giant fish with big lips.

With lips like this this fish should be called a kiss fish:)

Split photo of a very big fish swimming in the sea.

I does not matter how many times you see a fish like this on up close. It’s interesting every time!

Man snorkeling next to an island.


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