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23 Feb

Review: Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Black

Dome port for GoPro Hero5 Black

Our new Split Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Black has been available for a few weeks now and it is time to post some information and photos on the new dome port that will answer the most common questions that you guys have before ordering our dome.

There are 3 different Split dome port versions now:

Hero5, Normal and LCD version

Hero5, Normal and LCD domes

What’s the difference?

  • Hero5 version fits Hero5 Black GoPro camera, it does not fit Hero5 Sessions or Hero Session
  • Normal version fits Hero3, 3+, 4 GoPro cameras, it does not fit Hero4 Sessions or GoPro Hero
  • LCD version fits Hero3, 3+, 4 GoPro cameras WITH LCD BACPAC. So if you bought an extra bacpac to put a LCD screen on the back of your GoPro camera making your camera wider, this is the dome version for you. Hero4 Silver with LCD already integrated into the camera fits Normal version.

Hero5 Dome Port Compatible Cameras

So to answer the first question – Hero5 version works with Hero5 Black GoPro camera, it does not fit Hero5 Sessions or Hero Session.

Camera Housing

Although Hero5 Black is waterproof without a special housing up to 10 meters below water surface you need to put it into a special housing to use it with the Hero5 dome. Why? Split dome not only allows you to take over under photos but it also improves your underwater shots so it is perfect for snorkeling and diving. When diving you can take your dome deeper than 10m and when that happens your camera is safe in an additional housing similar to GoPro’s own Hero5 Super suit (which alone costs around 50USD). Apart from that, designing the housing specially for the dome insures a perfect seal between the housing and the dome.

How Does it Work?

Hero5 camera housing, similar to Super suit

Housing and Hero5 Black camera

You do NOT have to remove the lens cover from your Hero5 to put it into the housing. Just slide it in as it is (with Super suit you have to remove the lens cover).

Since the backdoor is plastic touch screen does not work.

Rubber gasket that seals the housing into the dome.

You press the housing into the dome.

Close the clamp.

And tighten it with screws.

Until there is no space left between the clamp and the backplate of the dome.

Hero5 dome comes with a durable lightweight carbon grip.

High quality acrylic dome.

To get your own GoPro Hero5 Split Dome Port go here .


2 thoughts on “Review: Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Black

  1. Thanks for posting this, very informative! Question, do you sell some sort of trigger to go with the new Hero 5 Dome? Or, if not, is there a way that I can use some sort of trigger with it?

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