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21 Jun

Split Dome Photo Tutorial: How to Shoot Things Falling into Water

We are starting a photo tutorial with tips and tricks on how to capture amazing over under photos with your Split dome port. First here is a little something that looks like it was custom-made for dome port/gopro photography – taking photos of things falling into water. Usually photographers use a fish tank filled with water to get the split over under photo effect and a trigger system to catch the exact right moment when the object hits the water.

First we dropped our Split dome port :)

First we dropped our Split dome port 🙂

With a Split dome port and a gopro camera things are much more simple. All you need is a reasonably clear body of water and an object that you want to photograph. Of course all the standard dome photography tips apply – the clearer the water the better, make sure there is enough light, and put the sun behind your back.


A flip flop into the pool

Then you need the right gopro settings to do the “capturing the right moment” job for you. Go to your camera “multi shot settings*” (this is where you have your timelapse mode) and set it to burst mode. I usually use the burst: 30 photos in 2 seconds setting. 2 seconds give you enough time to drop the object and capture the moment it penetrates the water and 30 photos in that time is usually enough to capture just the moment that you want. If you want more photos use 30 shots in 1 second setting, but here you need to be more carefull not to miss the moment the object penetrates the water.


Just to be safe I usually make 3 or 4 bursts, I drop the object 3 or 4 times so one of the photos for sure captures the moment that I wanted. Also with every drop water splashes upwards differently and you can get some really interesting shapes and effects from the water itself.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – change the height of the drop, the angle, field of view, think about your background etc… Results are best when the waterline goes over the middle of the dome.


Even a person jumping into the water

I hope this gives you some interesting ideas, we would love to share them on our Instagram!

*This describes the Hero 4 menu, in other models it can be a bit different, but every GoPro has a burst mode!

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