GoPro dome port tutorial Archives - Split GoPro Dome Port for Hero Cameras GoPro dome port tutorial Archives - Split GoPro Dome Port for Hero Cameras
06 Jul

Split Photo Tutorial: Number One Tip for Better Over Under Photos!

I have mentioned this before, but I think it needs its own blog post together with some examples, because this is the single most important thing when it comes to over under photography. So what is the single most important tip for better over under photos?  The secret is in the water, obviously :)! Read More

21 Jun

Split Dome Photo Tutorial: How to Shoot Things Falling into Water

We are starting a photo tutorial with tips and tricks on how to capture amazing over under photos with your Split dome port. First here is a little something that looks like it was custom-made for dome port/gopro photography – taking photos of things falling into water. Usually photographers use a fish tank filled with water to get the split over under photo effect and a trigger system to catch the exact right moment when the object hits the water. Read More

18 Mar

Over-Under Photo Comparison: Split Dome Port vs. Regular GoPro Housing

What are the benefits of using a dome port together with your GoPro camera? The most popular and well-known benefit of a dome port is the ability to take split (over-under, half-half) photos. Photos where half of the photo is underwater and the other half is above it. These photos seem a bit surreal because this is not how we usually see the world with our own eyes. It seems like we are sneaking a peek into another dimension. Read More

28 Dec

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Dome Port

This is a short version of instructions&tips, for an updated Instructions, tips & tricks for Split Dome photography go here.

Using the dome port together with a GoPro camera is really simple as GoPro with its wide angle lens and almost infinite depth of field is a perfect match for the dome port. So basically using the dome is just point and shoot. But there are a few tricks and tips to make your photos better and bring out the most out of your Split dome port. Read More