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21 Aug

SplitGadgets Instagram and Featured Over Under Photos

If you want to get your over under photos featured on our Instagram account @splitgadgets follow us, then tag us, DM us, or use #splitgadgets. We prefer to feature photos taken with Split dome port off course.

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16 Aug

Learn How To Shoot Better Over Under Photos (Infographic)

Taking half half photos with Split dome port is really easy, but technical stuff is not everything when it comes to photography. It’s not the camera, it’s the person behind the lens! So we have put some essential tips that will help you improve your over under photos into this easy infographic, for a more substantial book on becoming an 50/50 photo pro check out our Ultimate over under photography ebook. Read More

21 May

Gallery: Over Under Photos From a Fun Day at the Fuerteventura Pool

Even when the swell is small and there are no waves in Fuerteventura, there is always something to do. Like take your Split dome port to the local pool in Corralejo and have a bit of fun with it and take some over under photos. Read More

06 Jul

Split Photo Tutorial: Number One Tip for Better Over Under Photos!

I have mentioned this before, but I think it needs its own blog post together with some examples, because this is the single most important thing when it comes to over under photography. So what is the single most important tip for better over under photos?  The secret is in the water, obviously :)! Read More

30 Jun

NEW: Split GoPro Dome Compatible With LCD Bacpac

At the moment the only GoPro camera that has built in LCD screen on the back is the GoPro Hero 4 – Silver. All other cameras need a LCD bacpac extension to get the same result. This extension makes the camera wider which means that it will not fit into the regular waterproof housing and – into regular GoPro dome ports.  Up until now you could not get a GoPro dome that would fit the camera together with the LCD bacpac but things have just changed. Read More