Split Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Split Dome Port for GoPro Hero5
07 Oct

Split Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Camera

In September 2016 GoPro has released their new version of the most popular action camera in the world - the GoPro Hero5. The list of all the specifications is long, here are a few that we are most excited about:

  • Voice Control - you can start shooting with your voice, great for times when your hands are busy holding the handlebars, paddling etc..:)
  • 2-Inch Touch Display - if your GoPro is not H4 silver then this is a great upgrade, you see what you shoot and how the shots turned out
  • Waterproof - it's waterproof up to 10m without the special housing!
  • Video stabilization
  • 4k video, 12MP photos, RAW WDR photos, GPS etc...


The question that we get asked a lot since the release is:

"Does the Split Dome Port work with GoPro Hero5 Black? Where can I get a Dome Port for GoPro Hero5?"




We are excited to say YES. There is a new version of Split Dome Port available that works with the new Hero5 camera and after a lot of testing it is ready for shipping! The new version is specially made just for the Hero5 camera, so make sure you choose the right version when buying. 

Hero5 dome has a separate camera housing similar to the new super suit that fits into the dome so you are also getting a housing that allows you to take your Hero5 and Split Dome port deeper than 10m below surface. Plus - there is no need to remove the lens from the camera before putting it into the housing and into the dome making our dome the most simple end friendly to use. For some photos and more info on the new dome read our short review.

Over half of the domes in the first batch were reserved in the pre-order time so hurry up to get one of the remaining domes. Please go to our homepage to order.


Enjoy some Hero5 and Karma drone 4k footage:


3 thoughts on “Split Dome Port for GoPro Hero5 Camera

  1. Hi, I wanted to check if this housing can go greater than 10m eg. 10-30 metres? Or if it can only go to 10 metres, and not more than that. The wording in the description (quote: that allows you to take your Hero5 to depths under 10m) means to me, that it can only go 1-10 metres under water.

    If you could clarify, that would be great. Just want to ensure I’m understanding correctly, as I want something I can use for scuba diving also. Or whether I need to look at two different types of housing. One with dome for over/under shots, and another for scuba diving. Many thanks.

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