GoPro camera with its wide-angle captures a really big part of the world we see. When surfing, it captures you and your surfboard with ease, but when it comes to shooting images that would extend from under the sea to the sun above it, there is a problem. We were constantly trying to make those split images where the waterline splits the photo in half. The results were most of the times fun (meaning laughable 🙂 ), but never really quite what we were looking for. It's just too damn hard to put the waterline in the middle of the small GoPro housing lens even if the water is perfectly still (you can forget about it if it's not). And even if you succeed the border between water and air is thick, blurring and transforming things above the water into disfigured monsters:). Soon we figured out we need a special housing for those cool photos. A housing that costs hundreds of dollars. Which seemed kind of ridiculous, since the housing itself is not that complicated. So we decided to offer our own. Hope you like it!