17 Aug

DryTide Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof backpack from DryTide

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time in and near water. We also love surfing and anything connected to the ocean, to the sea. But as much as we and our Split dome port love water, some of our other belongings do not:). Camera, dry clothes, phones, wallet, documents, food…  some things can not get wet. So we are really excited to present a new product that we have been working on for a while now – a waterproof backpack.

One that came out of our traveling needs, somewhere between deserted islands of the Adriatic sea and far away tropical islands of Indonesia. Riding small boats to palm tree covered islands we missed a backpack that would be at the same time 100% waterproof and a real backpack with pockets to organize our belongings and comfortable enough to carry for a long time while traveling around with backpack on our backs.

We searched and there was nothing like that in the market, so we decided to develop it ourselves. After a year of designing, developing and testing, here it is. We are really happy to present a new generation of waterproof dry bags – DryTide Waterproof Backpack. A backpack that you can throw overboard and everything inside will stay safe and dry while the backpack itself will float on the water. A backpack that has enough pockets to store all your smaller things, that will help you carry enough water, that has a pocket for your laptop and has enough room even for longer travels. Check it out at: http://drytidegear.com

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