21 May

Gallery: Over Under Photos From a Fun Day at the Fuerteventura Pool

Even when the swell is small and there are no waves in Fuerteventura, there is always something to do. Like take your Split dome port to the local pool in Corralejo and have a bit of fun with it and take some over under photos.

Swimming pool in Corralejo


Jure standing in the pool

Over under selfie 🙂

Just floating in water.

Swimming poll is “piscina” in Spanish:)

Zala trying some underwater meditation.

Split GoPro dome is not only good for over under photos, you can also take it underwater.

Jure swimming

A cool half half photo always has something going on in the top and in the bottom part of the photo.

People jumping into the pool are one of the funnest 50/50 photos that you can take. Use “burst mode” setting on your GoPro and you will catch some amazing bubble art:)

Floating in the poll – point of view:)

You can see the name of the place at the bottom of the pool.


Some photos work better in B&W.

It is usually best if the waterline goes over the middle of the dome.

Swimming and palm trees.

Jure looking for Arsen.

The shallow end of the pool.

Pools are cool for split photos because water is usually really clear!


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