04 Feb

New Dry Bags From DryTide

DryTide makes awesome waterproof backpacks. Just a few days ago they have launched a new line of dry bags. New DryTide dry bags are a bit more conventional and common than their backpacks, but they still stand out from the average dry bag on the market because of the materials and design.

If you own a GoPro camera or if you also own a Split dome port, then you are probably spending a lot of time near and on the water. Dry bags  are those basic pieces that once you start using them for your beach and water trips, you don’t know how you were able to live without them.  They are easy to use, durable, don’t take much space and what is most important – they protect your gear from water, moisture, sand and dust.

There are just so many different uses for dry bags. If we just name a few, obviously all the water sports like kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddling, rafting, canyoning, boating, sailing and all activities near and on the water like fishing, hunting, going to the beach… Then there is traveling to places where there is a lot of rain, storing your wet gear from surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing etc… To learn more about dry bags and where and how to use them check this dry bag buying guide.

If we go back to new line of DryTide dry bags, there are three different dry bags available.

5 Liter Dry Bag

5 liter is the perfect size for carrying and protecting all your small personal items. It’s like a waterproof purse. It fits phones, wallets, key, power banks, speakers, sunglasses, documents, snacks, t-shirt etc… Or you can use it to protect your electronic gear. It’s big enough to fit a DSRL camera with 2 lenses or a drone.

15 Liter Dry Bag

15 liter dry bag is already more than just personal item protector. For a light packer it will fit everything you need on a day trip to the sea. Surfers, divers etc… will be also happy to know that it can fit a thick winter wetsuit. So it it great way to store your dripping wet wetsuit after you come from the water. It can also store your down sleeping bag to keep it away from moisture etc… super useful!

30 Liter Dry Bag / Waterproof Backpack

30 liter dry bag will for sure fit everything you need for a day trip. It holds two wetsuits. It holds all your clothes for a week long trip. Towels, ponchos, spare clothes, food, water bottles… anything you want. You can also combine it with the 5 liter bag for better organization. What makes this bag even more useful are two removable shoulder straps (5l and 15l have one), so you can carry it as a backpack.

15 liter dry bag also has an external waterproof pocket! Keep your phone close and ready and still keep it safe if things get wet.

All three bags are available through the DryTide website store.

I think that with these three bags you have most of your dry bag need covered!

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