Ultimate guide to over under photography (ebook)

Turn Your Over Under Photos From Ordinary Tourist Snapshots to »Wow How Did You Take That« Photographs

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Ultimate over under photography guide

We made this over under photography guide for all the people who were like me when I got my hands on my very first dome port. I saw all those amazing over under photos online and I wanted to take them myself. It seemed that the only thing standing between me and half half photography magic was the absence of a dome port. So without wasting much time I got one. But I have found out pretty quickly that while a dome port is a necessary tool for over under photography – it is not enough. No, you do not need to buy anything else. I am talking about photography knowledge. A dome port will not produce amazing photos all by itself or as the saying goes – it is not the camera that makes a great photographer; it is the person holding it. And when it comes to over under photography this is even more true because conditions in which we use the dome are much more varied and challenging than in regular photography. There are just so many ways to go wrong.

So imagine that by simply following a few rules you can greatly improve the quality of your half half photos and turn them into envy of your friends every time you return from the beach.

Content of the Over Under Photography Guide

The Ultimate guide to over under photography will let you in on the secrets of taking half half photos. Here is what you will learn:

  • how dome ports work and how to properly set up your dome,
  • when and where is the best time and place to shoot and
  • what kind of conditions should you look for to get the best shots (how to avoid common mistakes),
  • how to position the dome,
  • how to get rid of fogging and water drops,
  • what settings should you use on your GoPro camera for half half photography,
  • composition tips,
  • how to posts process your photos in Photoshop,
  • and more…

All together our over under photography guide has 45 pages of tips, tricks, secrets, information and examples that will help your photos pop out and turn them from average to stunning. If you are ready to take your photos to the next level:

PRICE: 14.95$